Lynette has always been known as a gifted visual artist. She has studied and practiced many styles in a life-long pursuit of art. Since 1994 she has worked primarily in pen and ink renderings. While for many years she worked to create University Lithos, she now produces a wide assortment of fine art.

Lynette's pen and ink renditions have received accolades from artists and architectural professionals alike. Her exacting detail, the attention to color, and an uncommon ability to capture a location's unique ambiance on paper are all characteristic of her work.

Like all great art, the quality of Lynette's skill is difficult to portray online. We have provided many samples here but the rich, warm, high quality is best seen first-hand.

Lynette Weise works predominantly with pen, ink, and colored pencil. Her primary focus has been creating drawings for University Lithos though she has recently begun to add other work available for online purchase.

In addition to the products offered through her online store, Lynette is also available for work on commission.